Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Miramont Castle

I didn't take any pictures this last week but today, we went down to Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs and during the tour I took a bunch of photos. 

Michelle's Sorority Alumni group was planning on meeting at the Castle at noon for a tour and a book club discussion so before hand we ate at the restaurant that is located in the castle. At 11:30 Michelle got an email saying that the weather was bad and that the group wasn't going to make it. We had driven two hours so even if we weren't already down there, the message would have been sent too late.

The food was really good and quite reasonably priced.  

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Fog and Rain

It was raining the whole way down to the Castle. Up in Manitou Springs, there was a lot of fog. 

The Castle is supposed to be haunted although we did not see any sings of it. The person in the gift shop said that many people will get orbs in their photos, however it could also be a reflection from these lights against glass. 


At the end of the tour we visited the gardens. It was raining fairly hard so I only got a few photos of them. 

Garden of the Gods

On our way out of the Springs we drove by Garden of the Gods. We didn't go into the park because of the rain and mud, but we did pull over to get a quick panorama.