Monday, May 30th, 2016


This morning we woke up in the 4 o'clock hour so we could get down to Boulder to run the Bolder BOULDER. We got down there around 6:15 and walked over the to starting line. There were over 100 waves and ours started at 7:45.

We had to walk about a mile and a half from the car to the starting line. On our way we stopped at Pete's Coffee.

I wore my GoPro and had it take a photo every 10 seconds. I had no idea what type of photos I would get but at the end of the race I had 375 photos of the race. Michelle and I ran the race together so there are a lot of photos of Michelle. 

Every mile and kilometer was marked and at many of the miles there were event photographers. 

Course Summit

The race ended in Folsom Field at CU. Our official race time was 1:02:59.95.

After we finished we wandered around the vendor booths and finally sat down in the stands to wait for the pro race.  

Isaac Mukundi

Isaac Mukundi, who was the first male to cross the finish line in the pro race finished ran it in 29:12.14!