Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

John Legend

This evening we went up to Red Rocks to see John Legend perform. This was the last stop on his US tour and it was delayed for about an hour because of the rain. Michelle and I had brought rain gear and for the most part stayed dry, but there were plenty of people who didn't have anything or who purchased the cheap rain poncho from the venue. 

The opening act got cancelled and John started performing at 8:30. He had a string quartet with him and they performed for about 2 hours.

We ate dinner at the restaurant  at Red Rocks and arrived at the venue with plenty of time to take photos and wander around. 

In the distance, above the stage, is Denver.

After the concert we headed back to the parking lot to go home. We sat in the car for about 10 minutes and didn't move out of our parking space. We decided that it would be better to go for a walk rather than sitting in the car.

We walked back into the venue through a different entrance and we tried sitting in the first few rows to see what the view would be like.