Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


Michelle and I took a bus tour of Houston in the morning and then a bus down to take a tour of the Johnston Space Center. We didn't plan on the city tour but it was included in the package so we did it. The city tour was interesting and I learned a lot about the city and it gave me ideas for what to do tomorrow. The Space Center was interesting but was designed mostly for children. 

In the evening we went back to the Convention Center and watched more weightlifters lift. The competition is divided out by weight class so each day there are different competitions going on. I believe this is the Men's 77 kilo final group.

There are 3-4 sessions for each weight class and at the end they have an awards ceremony for that group. Since it is in Texas they got cowboy hats.

For dinner we went to a seafood restaurant a few blocks away from the Convention Center. 

69 Kilo Women's Group D

After dinner we watched the 69 Kilo Women's group compete. This was group D which is the lowest of the weights so there was no awards ceremony afterwards.