Friday, March 9th, 2012

The Resort

Below is the Resort part of Crested Butte


Since there were only five of us, someone usually had to ride alone.


This was the only place where we had to hike up.

The Headwall

After the hike we cruised down "The Headwall".


I'm fairly happy with the quality of the iPhone's back camera. There are a few issues with graininess and it doesn't handle sunlight well. The front camera on the other hand, really sucks! Ohh well, it was the only camera I had.

Ben and Marissa


Gabe traversing "The Head Wall"


I think this photo helps demonstrate the steepness of the slope. It was around 39 degrees, which if it was covered with fresh snow, it would be prime avalanche conditions.


Only one way to go...down.

The Headwall

The Headwall, looking back up at it.

This photo turned out crappy, but it was the only on I had of this angle so I desaturated it a wee bit.

Off the Slow Lift!

Morning Glory

We didn't do the Morning Glory run because it would have required a 15 minute hike after we complete the run to get back to a lift.

The view was beautiful at the top, but to be honest, the view was beautiful pretty much anywhere on the mountain.