About this Project

These photographs do not exist for the purpose of art; rather they exist as a reminder of my life and a way for me to share my story with others.


In 2006 I found the site “Ten Years of my Life” where the author/photographer planned to take a picture every day for ten years. I loved the idea and started following his blog. In August of 2006, I started my own photo of the day project and since then I have been regularly adding photos.

Why I started

  1. Before I started, I realized that my memory was not great. I started this project so I could document my life and remember what I have done. Now, I can glance at a random photo and usually remember what I was doing that day. Not all the photos are meant to be art; many photos were taken with my cell phone and exist so I can remember a day or event.
  2. I have always been interested in photography and from my music background, I learned that the more your practice something, the better you become. I enjoy looking back at older photos and comparing the quality to photos that I take today.



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